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Storm Shelters, Tornado Shelters...
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Where is the storm shelter in your house?
When severe wind forces you and your family to take cover, where do you go? Will that room really stand up to 300+ mph winds? Would you really feel safe if your home is in the path of a twister or a category 5 hurricane? Even a basement does not provide the same level of protection as a true safe room.

Designed specifically as a storm shelter? 
Criteria for properly constructed storm shelters include testing and engineering that meet the National Performance Criteria for storm rooms produced by FEMA. Our tornado safe rooms meet and exceed FEMA 320 requirements.

Do you want to feel absolutely safe?
The peace of mind a safe room provides is immeasurable. You, your family, and even your pets have a safe room that is proven to stand up to wind strengths in excess of the strongest recorded twisters and can stand up to the punishing flying debris that caused most damage in a twister or hurricane.

Storm rooms give you absolute peace of mind because it has been tested and certified by an independent construction material testing laboratory, by static wind load to 450 miles per hour.



Our business, under the same management, has enjoyed 45 years of successful operation (since 1968) in the mechanical contracting related business, including the metal fabrication industry, of kitchen range hoods etc. and has been even more successful since 1994, after adding to our services, the manufacture, marketing, and the selling and installation of our patented "TornadoSafeRoom"

We were one of the very first, in the above ground "TornadoSafeRoom" industry.

You may notice, that we have a United States trademark on the word "TornadoSafeRoom" and also we have the website " , which further indicates that we had to have been in this business longer than most all other competitors.   

We look forward to the opportunity of proving ourselves, our quality and our reliability to you, to earn your confidence as well. Please call us so that we may have that opportunity.

Floyd Arnold

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We provide custom steel storm rooms that are pre-engineered for both interior and exterior installation in new or existing homes.
A small above ground shelter, storm room, economical shelte

Finally, A Tornado Safe Place
for Just One Person

A small above ground shelter, storm room, economical shelter.

Twister and Hurricane Shelters Withstand Wind Speeds of Over 450 MPH
Two Person

Storm and Hurricane rooms withstand Wind Speeds of Over 450 MPH
Safe Room and Hurricane Shelters withstand Wind Speeds of Over 450 MPH
Five Person

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How to save yourself and your family from the tragedy and devastation
brought about by a tornado or severe weather.

If you'd like to save yourself and your family as above mentioned then this may be the most important information you ever read.

Our TornadoSafeRoom™ will give you and your family a quick, convenient and absolutely safe place to hide when you hear the storm warning. The TornadoSafeRoom™ is the highest tested and certified site-assembled, above ground
shelter in the United States and having your own TornadoSafeRoom™; in your garage (and still have room for your car) or just outside the door of your home gives you ready access, comfort and peace of mind, knowing you are prepared.

Here's why

The TornadoSafeRoom™ gives you absolute peace of mind because it has been tested and certified by an independent construction material testing laboratory, by static wind load to 450 miles per hour. That is more than 100 miles per hour stronger than the highest known twister. (The Moores/Oklahoma City twister was a 319 mile per hour twister). If you buy someone's 250 mile per hour shelter, will you fear that the impending storm might just be another strong one like the twister of Moores and be stronger than your safe room?

Don't take our word for it. Compare our TornadoSafeRoom to any other safe room. There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. Here are six criteria or elements you absolutely, positively, must have in any solution you obtain

WARNING: DO NOT BUY any safe room unless it meets the following 6 criteria! The shelter:

  • Should have been tested above the forces of the highest known
    twister in order to give you total peace of mind.
  • Should be able to be installed inside the perimeters of your ability to access it quickly.
  • The door should have 3 or more latches.
  • Must be anchored securely so that large flying debris cannot knock it
    over. Expansion type anchor bolts are not suitable for storm shelters.
  • The door must be so easily operated that gaining access does not become
    as big a problem as the approaching storm.
  • The door locks should operate so that no one can be locked in or locked out.

Seconds Count!

When the tornado warning is issued, there may not be time for your family to run to a community shelter, and if you have pets, you have an additional problem. With one of our TornadoSafeRooms on your property, either inside your home or just outside your door, you have only to gather your family, pets and even important papers and pictures and take shelter "right at home". If the storm has slipped up almost without warning, as is many times the case, you will have the

Tornados normally are seasonal. Usually the months of March through June are our most active. News Media report 20% of all twisters occur during the months of July through October and less than 10% are seen during November through January. There are exceptions however. Some of the most destructive in recent years happened in January and February in Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi.

What does this mean to you...?
You MUST be prepared because you never know when your life will be threatened.

The forecasts for the 21st century are out and more active storms are predicted. Plan now for your family's health and well being. Do not wait until the last minute to secure your very own personal shelter.



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