torndo shelter

Ten Person 90' Deep Full Sized
TornadoSafeRoom™ Model TSR-10F

A shelter for ten adults.
Tested and certified to 450 MPH
The Tornado Safe Room is much easier to access than an underground storm cellar.48" x 90" x 76"


anywhere in the Continental
United States.
on existing concrete slab in garage or carport



The "Ten Person" TornadoSafeRoom™ is one of the highest tested and certified Tornado Safe Rooms in the United States, tested and certified by Certified Testing Laboratories of Orlando, Florida, a Miami-Dade County approved testing laboratory , and has been tested to meet and surpass the FEMA Storm Shelter Testing Requirements.


test report

It has been tested to withstand wind loads of 450 mph and to withstand the 100 mph projectile test. This unit also passed gun shot tests using 38 special, 380, 9 mm and 45 automatic military weapons from a distance of 15' without any penetration.


TornadoSafeRoom™ can be installed outside your location or fitted to an interior closet, or small storage room.

TornadoSafeRoom™ above ground units are capable of providing near absolute protection due to concerns related to tornado hazards such as high winds & flying objects.


The Ten Person Tornado SafeRoom™ walls and door are manufactured from 10 gauge, galvanized steel panels, reinforced with 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 1/4" angle iron. The top is manufactured from 1/4" steel plate making this room much more crush resistant from falling objects.

The "Ten Person" Tornado SafeRoom™ is 48" long x 90" deep x 76" high.

It is anchored in place by 30 special concrete anchor bolts each having a minimum of 7,252 pounds of tension strength. What this means to you is that this room is held in place by more than 217,560 lbs of holding power. (That is more than 108 tons holding this room in place).

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